Pioneer Student Network

Pioneer Student Network

In Front of the Camera or Behind the Scenes

Whether you want to host your own show, do play-by-play for athletic events or run things from the control room, the Pioneer Student Network (PSN) can make your dreams of a broadcasting or videography career a reality.

As a student, you learn skills in radio, television, and news writing while receiving hands-on training live streaming Pioneer athletic games and other ag娱乐官网 events as well as filming promos and advertisements.

Each student participates as a crew member for multiple audio/video productions during the semester.

Students gain knowledge in broadcasting elements such as camera operation, in-booth announcing, technical direction, interviewing, writing, and editing.

Students also are involved in studio and remote field productions for radio, television, and online presentations. You develop skills by interviewing ag娱乐官网 program leaders, faculty and staff, coaches, and ag娱乐官网 students.

PSN can lead to a successful career in broadcasting, on-air announcing, radio or television production, videography, and more.

Kenzi Cutler, PSN Team Member

"Being a part of Pioneer Student Network has allowed me to gain experience in camera operations, commentating, marketing, sports media, team work, and problem solving. There are opportunities on the team to run livestream cameras, commentate, and run board ops, but when it comes down to it everybody on the team works together to make sure the stream runs smoothly. If you’re thinking about a future career in sports broadcast, streaming, creative media, or marketing, PSN is where it starts!"

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Pioneer Student Network, contact Mike Mahoney.
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